Valah from Transilvania.

 Gived birth to in Sighisoara; Of this town an binded two important name: Vlad Tepes,     called  Dracula, born in Sighisoara, exactly in house waves I have  the permanent exhibition,   and herman Oberth, sas where was the teacher to the high school Joseph Haltrich, from locality, and had a decisive important in the development fly with rockets, incite to the program V, but so to the spatial program which bore the humanity to the conquest outer space. Did advert to this mondial worlds name knowed, in order to show that  i`m not on the end of the world, such as semidoct his Tempted to belive, but but from a  zone authentic EUROPEAN. I  lived fulsomely all the communist aberration, carry impregnate a visible state of stress  in my art, in to the  expressionism apriori.  For me visual ARTA, is an way of thinking, as important as like the verb keyword.

In 1975, a water flood he destroied me all labor of child  work - teenager, and in order to protect my  works, have show to the world; I have oils, charts, prevalent coal all in the countries of the world, on all the continents, in outsize; These, in company with my permanent exhibition from House  Vlad Dracul  Sighisoara, means my EXPOZITION. In the girlish presentation chose the split works on themes not on his techniques logic, and I am between the year 1976 - 2006, for depict, outside in, the area preoccupations and my plastic investigations